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Heating and Chiller Pumps are almost always dry well pumps, in that they cannot operate in flooded conditions. They have very high efficiency multi-channel impellers which are only suitable for clean water. There are a two main types of Heating and Chiller Pumps;

End-Suction: The inlet and discharge flanges are at right angles on End-Suction Pumps. They are fed from the centre of the volute, with the water passing through the centre of the impeller through a number of veins. This effect forces the water to be displaced around the volute under pressure, forcing it out through the discharge port under high pressure.
Inline: These pumps work on the same principle as end-suction pumps, but the inlet and discharge flanges are in a straight line rather than at right angles. The inlet flow passes through a channel to the base of the volute, where it flows up through the centre of the impeller as with End-Suction Pumps.

These Pumps may be single or multi-stage. The difference being that in a single stage pump, the water flows into one volute, and is discharged at pressure. In multi-stage pumps, the water passes into the volute, and is discharged into sequential further volutes, each with its own impeller. Multi-stage pumps are used where a high head is required, and high flow is not.

In addition, Inline pumps may be twin head, in that two motors, each with its own impeller and mounted in the same common volute. This system gives additional reliability and longevity, as the pumps switch duty to equalise wear, and in the event of breakdown, gives a backup pump to ensure that the system continues to operate at full duty.

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