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Package Pump Stations are a simple and cost effective means to remove water from your site; due to the underground installation, Package Pump Stations do not use valuable space on site.

The Package Pump Station principle is a simple one: The waste water flows into the pumping chamber (sump), and when it reaches a pre-set level, the pumps activate to pump the level down and discharge the waste into a mains sewer/drain, sewage treatment plant, or soakaway*.

All our package pump stations are individually designed and specified, so that the system we supply will be tailored to the exact requirements of your site. We consider the type and volume of inflow, size requirement, available power supply, and many other factors when designing stations, to give you the
peace of mind of knowing that the product we supply is totally suitable for your site.

To assist further in specifying to your requirements, we offer a number of options such as single, dual and triple pump systems, explosion proof pumps, 24-hour storage, kiosks to enable external control panel mounting, a number of high level alarm options, emergency stop buttons, and many other specific features you may require to suit your needs.

You can use the online enquiry form to request a quotation, or alternatively you can contact the office by telephone, fax or email.

* Please note that the installation of soakaways requires written consent from the Environment Agency.

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