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Pump Service & Technology UK are able to supply spares for, and repair all types and models of pumps from any manufacturers’ range.

We are happy to undertake repair work of any scale, from simply clearing blockages to full refurbishment including motor rewinds, engineering work to motor shafts, remetalling impellers etc.

Prior to full scale repairs being carried out, we provide reports from our workshop engineers detailing the fault(s), what work is required, and a quotation for said work. We also make common sense based recommendations on whether repair is economically viable, and should this not be the case, we would provide a quotation for like-for-like and/or equivalent replacements.

Pump Service and Technology UK
The Pumphouse
393 Millfield Lane
St Helens
WA11 9TD

Tel: 01942 276773
Fax: 01942 717997