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Water Pressure Booster Sets are used in many buildings where the mains pressure is not satisfactory to meet the demand for running water. Booster Sets may take many forms and sizes, from small single pumps for single domestic use, to sets of multiple pumps on manifolds for large establishments such as pubs and bars, factories, apartment blocks, etc.

Pump Service & Technology UK specify, design, build and install booster sets for all applications; our booster sets are bespoke units to provide the most cost effective, efficient and reliable water supply solutions for each customerís individual needs.

Options for Booster Sets include;

Fixed/Variable Speed Units:

Fixed speed units have lower initial costs, and provide effective water supply for smaller units where duty is relatively uniform over a given time period.

Variable speed units are the most efficient Booster Sets for larger establishments such as bars/clubs, large commercial premises which have very high demand during some periods, and lower demand at other times.

Pressure Vessels: Pressure vessels provide storage for pressurised water, and are specified according to demand and variance in demand. Large establishments are recommended to have large pressurised storage vessels so that pumps run for minimal time during low demand periods. This reduces wear to the set, and saves on energy costs of unnecessary multiple starts and stops.

We are able to specify and design units of single or multiple pumps to cater for both hot and cold water, potable water, and sprinkler systems.

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